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Polish Films for Foreigners "Ida" with English subtitles 18 VII


Polish Films for Foreigners / Polskie kino dla obcokrajowców

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Next screening in Polish Films for Foreigners programme,

July 18th, 8.45 P.M.

18 lipca, 20.45

>with English subtitles<

>z angielskimi napisami<


with English subtitles - film by Paweł Pawlikowski, that is without a doubt the biggest success of Polish cinema since 1989, and probably the greatest success of our cinematography ever. Film won more that 80 awards on festivals all around the world and was a big box-office in France, USA and many more countries.

IDA is a film that posits fundamental questions while seeking their answers prudently. The movie synthesised transformation schematics with a mystical tale of identity and confidence.

From a very early age, the title characterIda (Agata Trzebuchowska) lived in a monastery. Upon deciding to become a sister of mercy, she must first make the acquaintance of her only living relative before taking her vows. This prerequisite leads to the postponement of her decision, as the result of the clash of personalities that ensues after meeting her aunt Wanda (Agata Kulesza).

The elder woman had been a communist court judge who, in the days of Stalin, brashly participated in the political processes. As they sit at a table, the cynical middle-aged woman and the young, naive girl have a conversation, which reveals that Ida is a Jew whose parents were killed during the war. She escaped with the help of a local priest and so began her life with the nuns. The two women decide to find the places of their buried loved ones, in an attempt to illuminate more of their family’s past.

During the festival in Gdynia, speculations were that Paweł Pawlikowski’s film was a response to Władysław Pasikowski’s recent, controversial Pokłosie (Aftermath). But this correlation proves an ineffectual comparison. While Pasikowski projected a thriller onto the silver screen, Pawlikowski's structure tells a different sort of tale.

In contrast to Aftermath, Ida is not a movie about the Holocaust, the culpability of the Polish people, or the Stalinist terror that marked post-war Polish history. These themes are present and extremely important, but they serve as a backdrop to the story that centres on the meeting of two very different personalities. The real focus of film is on choosing your own way of life and realising and verifying your identity. (...)

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